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  • Personal Care: assistance with bathing, dressing, shaving, oral care, styling hair

  • Transportation Services: appointments, grocery store, pharmacy, social outings

  • Run Errands: pick up prescriptions at pharmacy, grocery shop

  • Housekeeping: empty trash, do dishes, make bed, vacuum, iron, dust

  • Laundry

  • Light Meal Preparation

  • Incontinence Assistance

  • Reminders: medication, meals, fluids, appointments

  • Recreation/Companionship: conversation, visit friends, listen to music, go to lunch

  • Exercise: under direction of a physical therapist

  • Transferring: to bed, chair, vehicle, wheelchair, toilet

  • End of Life Care: we work in cooperation with hospice


Do you need something that we don’t have listed?  Let us know!  We will be happy to accommodate your specific needs.

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